Saturday, 3 April 2010


I'm pretty sure that, seeing as the book is called 'Beauty's Nothing', that that is exactly what Nadav Kander is trying to show. I think that if the name of the book was something different then you wouldn't turn each page looking at each photograph, trying to pick out what is beautiful about each image.

Friday, 2 April 2010


The only reason I like this photograph is because I love the colours. They look really de-saturated. If the colours weren't as nice as they are this image wouldn't be interesting at all. As composition goes it does apply to the rule of thirds because the fridge is at the bottom in the centre, but as far as subjects go it's quite boring. But the texture and colour of the wall is lovely and very aesthetically pleasing. Below is the image I created. I don't really like it that much and I think if it weren't for it's location in the porch I could've done a better job. However, I still chose to upload it to show were my inspiration has come from.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Working Shoes

Unlike the previous image, it's not so much the colours that draw me into this image. I really like the subject. It makes you question what kind of life this person has and what kind of job they have. You assume these shoes belong to a woman, but you never know! Personally if I had taken this image I would have taken it in black and white, so possibly the colour is important to this photograph. Below is the image I have created and I am very pleased with it.

Saturday, 27 March 2010


When I first decided to do a week worth of portraits I originally wanted to do something different. At first, I didn't even want to take any portraits but then I came across this book in the library and saw these portraits and I really liked them. I really liked the colours and how the models weren't really dolled up. So to begin with, when I started shooting my first model this is what I tried to re-create (See image below). But, like I've said before my whole concept changed after the shoot, when I got an even better image that I was a lot more happier with. Maybe some time in the future I will try this concept again.

Lily Allen

Yeah, I know I keep saying this over and over again but I'm just gonna say it one last time: 'I love the colour!'. So yeah, I definitely think I'm gonna try this style out sometime.